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Good Morning,
First of all I would just like to say I love all your products you sent me. Even the samples. I am 31 and have been a slave to commercial products since I can remember. I have been using oil of olay pro-x for over a year. I knew it was bad for me. But, with fine lines and wrinkles, I didn’t care. However, your face oil and cream that you sent are like little miracles in a bottle. Instantly after washing with your cleanser followed by the toner and 30’s oil last night I had no more fine lines. Blew oil of olay out the water. Your sample of the Eczema & Psoriasis cream cleared up my psoriasis over night. The clarifying shampoo is great. My hair was not gunky and greasy like it has been for the past 2 weeks of going no poo. My daughter loved the lavender bar for her hair. She loves that she doesn’t have to use shampoo and conditioner any more. We washed a load of colored clothes with the soap nuts w/vinegar rinse followed with the dryer sheets and lemongrass oil and they came out great. My fiancé also likes the men’s face lotion. He has been using the olay also and was surprised that your product worked even better. Needless to say we are all very happy with your products and I will definitely be ordering full size bottles of all the products I ordered from you. I am a single mother in the military and this is going to definitely help us with our family budget. No more throwing my money away on commercial products that are toxic to my family and the environment. Please keep up the good work and I will definitely spread the word about your wonderful products to everyone I can. Have a wonderful day,

ET3 Charly P

Help!! My Hair feels heavy, gunky and greasy!!

Chemical Free Hair Products –Your scalp WILL go through a detox!

 HELP!! My hair feels heavy, gunky, and greasy!!!  This is an email or call I get most often!

 Don’t give up! You are getting there! IT TAKES TIME! There are many chemicals clogging the pores in your scalp.

 Our hope is that this little flyer (and blog post) will help you stay determined in your quest to become less chemically toxic.

 Our first and foremost recommendation is to use our Bar Soaps. (If you have a handcrafter who make a real bar of soap locally, or you want to try your hand at a real bar soap will work too) We recommend using the vinegar rinse every time you shampoo and for the off days when you are not using soap. I use vinegar every time I shower. It is very balancing to your skin and helps keep the bacteria in check. If you start, soon you will love what it does for your hair. It conditions, and helps clean up your scalp.

That gunky stuff is coming from the pores of your scalp. If you can use your nails and scrape junk from the back of your head. Just think of where it is coming from. Your whole head is in the detox process; not just your hair. That stuff has been building up in there all your life. Now you are getting rid of it.

If you have long hair it can be a difficult switch to Castile shampoos, but worth it. I really recommend cutting hair short, donating it to help others and start with fresher non-chemical polluted hair for best results.  Our Clarifying Shampoo really does help get rid of some of the gunk; but, it is castile soap with decyl-polyglucoside. One of the first “natural” surfactant. I do not recommend it for constant use; but that said; it is better than any alternative in the commercial marketplace.

 Here are the hair care tips I give those who are struggling to switch to liquid castile soaps:

 There is a best way to use our Shampoo and Conditioner. We recommend using the Shampoo for 8 – 10 washings (about 2 weeks; shampooing every other day) before ever using the Conditioner. This is to really start the process of cleaning the chemicals out of your scalp. This is the time when you really need to use the vinegar rinse.

 Most of our newer customers can scrape gunk from the scalp after starting our products. That is chemical buildup coming out. This process will take time. It seems to come in waves. After two weeks; it will lessen. But, those chemicals will take time to work out from the deep dermal layers.

 For the liquid shampoos: A dime-quarter size amount. We have been taught to use way too much shampoo. …Put this small amount on your fingers; massage into the scalp…not the hair. It goes much farther than you realize. Too much soap can’t be washed out easily.  Less is better. Continue using the vinegar; it’s amazing what it will do for your scalp, hair, body, feet. Washing your hair more may not make the process any faster. But the vinegar rinse will. It takes time for those chemicals to rise up through the dermal layer. To truly detox takes time….there are no instant cures to detoxing our body; inside or out.

 We suggest using one of our great Bar soaps for your hair; yes, it is great for hair too…and easier to use. Our customers seem to have an easier time with the scalp detox because the bar soaps help to break the gunk down more easily than the liquid shampoos.

 Apply Shampoo two times. Use another dime-quarter size amount (amount depends on how thick and/or long hair is). Too much soap will not work better. It will not get washed out easily and will contribute to the gunkiness. Work from scalp down. Remember, you are cleaning the scalp; not the hair. This is very important with a natural castile soap. You do not need a lot of lather for this. We recommend this even with the bar soap; at least until you are finished detoxing your scalp.

 Vinegar Rinse.  We strongly recommend using a vinegar rinse. This helps get the gummy chemical residue out of your scalp.  Use 1/2 – 1 cup plain white vinegar (apple cider or wine vinegar, if you prefer). After the two latherings, slowly pour and working through hair. Concentrate on the base of the skull. (You can dilute the vinegar with water; but the best results come from using it full strength.) Rinse.

Fly-away Hair after using Vinegar. If your hair seems “fly-away” after using the vinegar; The Whipped Body Butter, Ultimate Body Lotion; Forever Young Face Cream or Oil, Men’s Face Lotion and the Liquid Gold all help control your hair. Just use the left-overs from the palms of your hands after you use one of these.

 Another detoxing method….baking soda:   Mix 2 Tbsp. baking soda in 2 quarts hot water.  Stir to dissolve. Slowly pour on hair. Work through. Repeat several times.  Rinse well with warm water. Follow with a quick vinegar rinse.

 Combing and brushing your hair. Your hair needs the oils the scalp produces. You need to gently brush or comb your hair 25-100 strokes per day. Your hair will respond quickly; looking and being healthier. We recommend using a wood comb; or a natural rubber bristle brush. Some of our customers have found dog brushes have great rubber bristles. Plastic create static and can break hair. This will not cause you to lose hair. You will be stimulating the scalp; waking up the hair follicles and helping the gunk to get out of your deep dermal layers faster. This will really help the detox process. You have been putting chemicals into your scalp for (how old are you?) years…this is what is coming out! It will take time.

 You will have less trouble if you cut your hair short….and let it grow back out. You will have healthy hair growing and will be much better than trying to resurrect dead and damaged chemical laden hair.

I colored my hair with commercial products for at least 5 years before I started using henna and became comfortable with my gray. Gray or silver is to be a crowning glory of our wisdom. God is pleased with our wisdom….we have to stop thinking like the world around us. Continue with the detox and you will be much happier and healthier by next year….enjoy the journey; looking forward not back.

 You will have better scalp and hair if you continue…. using a handcrafted bar of soap. Every soapmaker’s soap is different.  Only handcrafters who make their soaps the “old-fashioned” way can provide chemical free soaps.  We created our own soaps because I could not find a real soap I liked that was pure.  Because their “secret” ingredient is surfactant; Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps lather really well. But, this doesn’t make for a healthy scalp.  When a company makes product in huge batches for consumer retail; something is lacking. Other so-called Organic companies make compromises to produce huge batches of product that last for years on the shelf. It happened to Avalon Organics, Burts Bees, Jason, Nature’s Gate….these all use surfactants and other toxic chemical substances. Check your ingredients against EWG’s cosmeticdatabase.com

We would love feedback on your journey. You can even post your testimonials on our blog page.

Kathleen Hembree, HealingScents.com

Kathleen’s Lifestyle Choices

Many customers have asked me about how I live—So I have written this

I have no health issues since I changed my life starting in 2008. Depression and dementia run in my family’s gene structure. I take our herbs everyday—Mental Alertness, Nervous Tension, Thyroid Regulation, Super Iron Tincture. I take a sublingual B-complex. I take Vitamin D in winter. In summer I get out in the sun and absorb the vitamin D the best way possible. I use our products only. My wear cotton clothing; (has to have less than 30% polyester. Most of my clothing is 100% cotton). I use my 20% in my diet. I eat a high protein, real food diet. I try to eat 3 whole vegetables and 3 whole fruits servings daily—It helps to think smoothies instead of juicing. Apple is good—has lots of fiber to keep the sugar from spiking blood sugar. Apple juice is just the sugar—goes straight to the blood sugar.

I do some yoga-like stretches and poses several times a day. I go to a yoga class two or three times per week. I have a “whole body vibration” machine that I use at least 20 minutes a day about 5 times per week. I am working diligently on my posture. It was terrible before. Rounding the shoulders prepares one for the walker you will need soon. I, like many, never wanted to listen about the necessity for good posture. But it is vital! Without good posture, soon there are back problems, balance issues, digestive problems, heart disease, and/or cancer. I have none of these. I am 60 years old. I take no pharmaceuticals. I take after my mom’s side of the family—have a “peasant” body style. Large bone structure and extra padding. I have a very muscle-dense body style.

29 out of 30 mornings; I eat low-fat yogurt; blueberries or strawberries and about 2 Tbls. of granola. I do not eat as many vegetables as I should; but I try to get 2 servings of “green” and 3 fruits. At least twice a week I make a veggie dense meal. I often eat a 100% whole wheat tortilla chicken-cheese quesadilla for lunch . I make veggie soups and eat lots of the leftovers. I barely saute veggies in my cast-iron skillet with a little coconut oil/olive oil/butter (depending on veggies) and the Savory Herb blend. We keep some Pink Himalayan Salt and the Elite 4-pepper blend.. I have a large salad at least two times a week using loose-leaf lettuces and/or spinach.

I do not buy organic and consume about 3 servings of dairy every day. Our beef is grown by a friend of my daughter’s in central Ill. I purchase most of my fresh veggies and dairy from a store we have called “Aldi’s”. The dairy cooperative pledged not to use hormones or antibiotic. Plus they are a “bare bones” type of store and offers better prices on the products they offer. Most of what they have is processed. But I make sure I buy what is not—maybe eventually more people will care about real.

When I eat out, I consciously make the better choices. Regardless of what anyone else does. If I have a salad and it turns out to be iceberg lettuce; I only eat the darker green parts and other veggies on it. I try not to “splurge” more than once a week. I found I can get in the “habit of splurging”. Very bad for a long-term healthy diet.

I use my Lower Bowel Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse and do the 3-day Juice Cleanse at least one time per year. I use peppermint essential oil daily on the back of my tongue. I use the Cold/Flu/Sinus oil, Easy Breezy, Whipped Body Butter; other stuff daily. I only use soap on my body about every 2 days. If I need to shower on the other day  it is just a vinegar-type shower.

As I have indicated it is a whole-lifestyle change. I’ve only been to a doctor 3 times in the last 3 years. My blood work is great. I donate both white blood cells and whole blood regularly. I have always said I have “peasant genes”—strong as a horse type. I get out and breath fresh air 10-15 minutes a day. We do not have carpet. I walk barefoot on wood, tile, dirt almost all the time in Spring, Summer, Fall. I do it less in Winter. I wear white cotton socks because the darker dyes break out my toes. (Mostly I wear them under the black ones in winter. I wear UGGs barefoot in the winter. I have leather sandals I wear almost all the rest of the year. I like my feet to “breathe.” I do eat some sugar every day. My favorite is Strawberry sweet tart candies. I don’t need much because the sugar hits fast. I guess I could switch to small amounts of honey, but, I keep some 85% chocolate or Hershey Special Dark. These kill the chocolate craving quickly without eating too much.

This is probably a lot more info than you ever wanted; but I wanted to tell everyone as honestly as I could. I did not grow up this way. We lived on a farm; drank cow’s milk (I milked) ate white bread, potatoes and gravy almost every day. Worked hard. Played hard. My teeth are permanently yellowed from tetracycline that I had regularly growing up. I weighed 375 pounds in 2000. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost much weight. I realize a few years later that I had to change my lifestyle to keep from gaining the weight back.

I saw the way my mom and dad deteriorated when they started eating unhealthy foods all the time and stopped moving around much. I determined I did not want to end up like that. I asked God for 120 years and He told me what I need to do. I had to change everything to be healthy. Will I live that long? God knows. I’ve made the changes and am healthier, happier, more joyful, and more giving. Life is great—not perfect—this world is corrupt. We each do the best we can with what we are given. And trust Him for the rest.

Recommendations for natural living

Where do you start?

1st thing you will have to decide is: “how real and natural are you willing to go?”
You have been using chemical laden products your whole life on your skin and hair. You have to be concerned about your diet also. Probably you eat at least some processed foods that are laden with chemicals. Are you willing to change all of that or just part? How healthy do you see yourself 15 years from now if you continue as you are?

You will have to “retrain” your nose on real scent. At first, smelling real essential oils and herbs will seem unpleasant. Your nose has been trained on chemicals…

My recommendations for your healthy future: Stop using all those chemicals. Your life should be an 80/20 balance. 80% real, healthy, natural; 20% the stuff you can’t give up. This includes everything in your life; clothing also. If you have digestion, bowel, liver, gallbladder, or thyroid issues; you have internal toxicity issues. This is from heredity, diet; and is related to the products you put on your skin. Your skin is only reflecting what is inside. Our healthy bodies are made to be self-cleansing to a large degree. Skin eruptions are the way your skin is trying to remove the chemicals deep in its layers.

There is a learning curve associated with using real and natural. Have you researched the chemicals you are using? And are you willing to trust your life to the manufacturer of the products? Are they made in China or some other third-world country? Do you trust their purity? Do you trust the chemical ingredients they are using? We make our products in small batches. Every other company out there uses ingredients I have made the choice not to use.We won’t sell a product that doesn’t work well. I am willing to give my products to Jesus and my Grandmothers. I trust they are that good.

Without your willingness to change from chemical products; our products will have limited results. Chemicals pollute real and natural. Just look at our earth, air and water to see that truth.

Dry facial, neck and upper chest skin now starting to show fine lines and wrinkles will benefit most from the Forever Young Face Oil. There are no petroleum oil-based chemicals in our face oils. This is the difference between our oils and others’ oils, serums and creams. If you really can’t bring yourself to use an oil; the Forever Young Face Cream is next best.

This whole process will take time and your skin may look like it is getting worse as it throws out those chemicals that are lodged deep within it. But, within 30 days you will see a marked improvement if you stick with it.

Here is a list of general products recommendation for switching to real and natural body and skin care products. Yes, I feel this is the bare minimum that a person should start with on the switch to becoming healthy for the rest of your life.

Product Recommendations

Essential Oils: there are many books. Learn about the simpler oils and incorporate them into your life. I would love it if all my customers learn to make some of their own products. SIMPLE IS BETTER.

Head to toe cleaning (except face): any of the Bar Soaps or the Liquid Castile Shampoo/Body Wash. Choose your scent…Remember you will have a learning curve to using real products. They are different from chemical products. These are good for children as well as adults.

Vinegar Rinse: Vinegar is amazing. If you can find a locally produced vinegar it will also taste well enough to use internally to help with cleansing your digestion and internal body systems. Vinegar is an acid; but internally is like citrus fruits: it helps to make your body more alkaline (I know seems weird; but that is true) whereas must of us are acidic. Many of my customers recommend using Bragg vinegar internally.

Whipped body butter or Ultimate Body Lotion—again your choice; both work really well. My favorite is the butter since I am older with drying skin. I “butter up” one or two nights a week…or as needed.

Toothgel: What you clean your mouth with is very important. The chemicals in other products go through your mucus membranes into your lymph system.

Face care: Face Care Challenge Pack—you can figure out which of the products work best for you. We don’t tell you to use every product. Use the ones that fit into your life best. If you don’t wear makeup; try using water washing followed by toner, then Forever Young Face Oil or Face Cream

Deodorant: we have solid, roll-on, spray and powder. No chemicals…safe protection.

Laundry: Soap nuts or our Laundry/Cleaning Castile soap. We have an HE washer. I love to use the Soap Nuts; my husband uses the Castile soap. Both work great. Vinegar in the rinse and I have put it in the bleach dispenser for the whites and very dirty loads.

Dishwasher soap: There are no non-chemical soaps that work well in a dishwasher. I would recommend using 1 cup of vinegar and 1 Tbls of borax. See the Earth-Friendly economical way of washing dishes on the Home Cleaning page.

Live Long Sunscreen: If you live where it is very sunny and warm. We need vitamin D from the sun. If you live in a cooler climate; it can take an hour of sunshine to get the required vitamin D. Sunscreens block our absorption of vitamin D. Moderation is the key to safely be in the sun. Don’t spend hours in the sun unless you are protected with Live Long Sunscreen.

Anti-Itch cream and/or Plantain Ointment: These are great for injuries or those unexpected bites or itches.

Cold, Flu, Sinus Oil: Use daily to help you fight off all the germs you are exposed to everyday. If a nasty virus does get through; the Cold, Flu, Sinus Oil can knock it out in 2-3 days when used immediately and often.

MRSA Spray: If you are around lots of people regularly.

Detox herbal vitamins: This will help cleanse your colon. We really recommend getting Colon Hydrotherapy from a Naturopath regularly. Death starts in the bowel and spreads from there.

Parasite herbal vitamins: It is estimated that 95-98% of us have parasites in bowel, intestines and blood. These help destroy the little critters and get them out of your system.

Diet: I can’t honestly recommend an “all organic” diet. Most companies have “bought” the organic designation. Can you trust China and other countries’ “organic” designations? I have not found it worth the high cost. Organic processed products and foods have many of the same ingredients of their “non-organic” competitors. I recommend eating real and natural—Much more fruits and vegetables than you are eating now. No meals from a box. No “convenience” meals from the freezer section.

Whole Body Tonic: Vitamin and Mineral supplement—for those with great diet and no chemical products or health history of problems; this may be all you need.

Home Cleaning: We have great cleaners for your home. You can also learn to create your own simple formulas from the links page. Castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, salt and essential oils will keep your home safer and healthier than any chemical product you can find.

Cookware: I recommend Stainless Steel or Corning Glass or Visions pans. Skillets: cast iron. Baking pans: stainless steel. I have used my Visions pans for 25 years now. I love them and will not switch to anything else—again there is a learning curve to proper heating. You need to store them properly (they can not nest together). NO non-stick cookware. Did you know that when the pan heats up it releases toxic gases which can cause cancer, organ failure and a slew of complications?

Lunches: Paper bags or a 100% cotton bag and waxed paper….maybe make it a competition on how long you can reuse that paper bag or the waxed paper bags (yes, these can be rinsed, dried and reused).

Plastic zip bags: Just can’t do without them? Wash them and reuse them. Less expensive and better for the environment.

Clothing: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Silk—Your clothing should be a minimum of 65% cotton. Stop using polyester, rayon, nylon—these are chemically created.

We have products for whatever ailment you have also. Herbal healing is slow and gentle. Herbal healing will make you life better in the long-term. Can you say that about chemical laden products and chemically-created pharmaceutical products?

Even before you get the products you decide to order; you can start the process of cleansing your body system. Start weaning yourself from the chemical products immediately. Vinegar can be used as a scalp and skin cleansing and healing aid.