About Healing Scents Natural Products

Healing-Scents offers quality natural handcrafted products. Our products are proudly made by us 20121228_132228-1in Rockford Illinois. We make our products from scratch using plant derived ingredients and essential oils. Our natural products have no petroleum-based ingredients.  Every product is made gently and safely and is custom formulated for you when we receive your order.

Enjoy the journey–looking forward not back;

Have a Blessed Day; Thanking God for all He does.

Kathleen Hembree



3 thoughts on “About Healing Scents Natural Products”

  1. I read on a article about toxins they put in lotions and fragrances and I came across Synthetic perfumes or “fragrances” , which included synthetic “rose”, “jasmine” and “lily of the valley. I noticed you had these fragrances in one of your spray colognes. What’s the difference from yours and the ones that contain synthetics. I would be more than happy to get your take on this if you can. Thank you

    1. We use a “natural” fragrance oil from NaturesFlavors. He says it is natural ingredients in his oils. We only carry these safer alternatives for those who just love their Lilac, Lily Of The Valley, Rose and Jasmine. We use his natural, organic flavor oils in our Flavored Toothgel focused toward children.

  2. I’d like to get my husband a present of a cologne with a strong Vetiver scent bc he loves Vetiver and I’m looking for a natural cologne. Are any of your men’s fragrances strong with this scent??
    Thanks much! ☺️

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