Aftershave—distilled water; vegetable glycerin; witch hazel; sulfonated castor oil; essential oil blend.
Cologne—water; vegetable glycerin; essential oil blend; water. Men’s scents do not have fragrance oil.
Patchouli-Tea Tree-Peppermint—patchouli essential oil; peppermint essential oil; tea tree essential oil.
Men’s Face Lotion—distilled water; sunflower oil; apricot oil; beeswax; vegetable glycerin; potassium sorbate; rice powder; xanthan gum; rosemary oil extract; neem seed oil; natural vitamin e; tea tree essential oil; lavender essential oil; rosemary essential oil; sage essential oil; spruce essential oil; spearmint essential oil.
Men’s Facial Oil—sunflower; avocado oil; macadamia oil; neem seed oil; natural vitamin e oil; carrot seed essential oil; palma rosa essential oil; clary sage essential oil; fennel essential oil; patchouli essential oil.

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