Anti-C Tea—peppermint, red clover; dandelion; chickweed; rooibos; goldenseal; saw palmetto berry; stevia; rose hip; nettle.
Detox—chickweed; dandelion; fennel seed; gotu kola; rose hip; red clover; stevia leaf; peppermint; rooibos .
Dieter’s Tea—gymnema sylvestre; green tea; chickweed; rose hip; red clover tops; orange peel, stevia; spearmint, rooibos.
Fertility Tea—raspberry leaf; red clover; peppermint; chamomile; dandelion; echinacea; nettle leaf; passion flower; squaw vine; dong quai root; black cohosh; stevia.
Good Night Tea—lemon balm; catnip; chamomile flowers; hops; lavender flowers; passion flower; rosemary; skullcap; st. johns wort; kava kava; valerian root.
Memory—lavender; lemon balm; ginkgo biloba; gotu kola; peppermint; sage leaves; skullcap; yerba mate, orange peel, stevia.
Rose Hip Immune Booster—rose hips; peppermint; rooibos, lemon balm; echinacea; goldenseal; hibiscus; orange peel; stevia.
Raspberry Leaf—raspberry leaf; stevia.
Splendid Woman—raspberry leaf; rooibos; lady’s mantle; passion flower; black cohosh; orange peel; passion flower; peppermint; stevia.
Tummy Trouble–peppermint, rosehips.
Wake Up Go—green tea; peppermint; rooibos; hibiscus; orange peel; yerba mate; cinnamon; stevia.

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