Snoring Relief

About snoring relief

The essential oils in these products help give relief to the snorer and those within hearing distance, without resorting to violence!

We get lots of great feedback for our snoring relief products.

If our products do not help your snoring, please get a sleep study done. These oils will not correct sleep apnea. However, one of my customers says that the Smelly Jelly helps her husband, who has sleep apnea, rest well. He wasn't able to use the machine.

More Customer Feedback:

Your Snore Remedy products are wonderful. It put me back in bed with my husband every night. We even take it with us when we travel. Thank You!–Sheila S.

I've suffered, or my wife has suffered is a better statement, from my snoring for years. Sometimes having to go to the 2nd bedroom to sleep. I've tried a whole bunch of stuff and strips etc. This formula you have is great. On a regular night, I just spray my neck and a shot over the head. On high stress days, I cream my neck and give a couple of sprays around my head. She says when I do the cream and the spray the results have almost completely stopped my snoring. GREAT!!! STUFF!–Dean E

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