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Neem Cream

Neem Cream

Popular for skin care, head and neck tension aches, occasional ear discomfort, and the 37+ trillion cells that populate the human body.

If there was ever an antioxidant product that can rise head and shoulders above all others, Neem Cream would be ...

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Neem Seed Oil

Neem Seed Oil

This is the pure undiluted oil. Neem seed oil is very bitter with a garlic/sulfur smell. It contains vitamin E and other essential amino acids. Neem oil, an excellent moisturizing oil, contains compounds with historical and scientific validity as med...

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About neem

Neem is also known as Nimba, Margosa or Indian Tulip Tree oil, which is a traditional treatment for severely damaged skin. Neem seed oil is not an essential oil. Our Neem oil is cold pressed, no solvents are used in its processing and its origin is from India. Neem produces pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing compounds that can aid in the healing of cuts, burns, sprains, earaches, and headaches, as well as fevers. Several studies of Neem extracts in suppressing malaria have been conducted, all supporting its use in treatment. While millions of Neem consumers exist in India alone, the pharmacological effects have rarely been studied under controlled environments. Neem has never been reported to have an adverse effect when applied topically or for dental use.
Neem is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Neem Uses

Neem Cream vs Chicken Pox

My accountant, Lori, has three boys. The boys have had the chicken pox vaccination. Well, on a Monday in April 2009, I got a call from Lori. Her middle son had broken out in chicken pox. On Tuesday morning I took her a 2 oz. jar of Neem Cream and a 2 oz. jar of Anti Itch and Wound Cream. They started testing both of them. Their verdict:

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The Neem Cream is tops. It stopped the itch and soothed the skin. By Thursday afternoon the scabs were falling off and no scarring. Her son was using the cream himself because he liked the way it worked–"better than the pink stuff". In about 10 days the oldest boy came down with chicken pox. They started using the same 2 oz. jar Neem Cream right away. The chicken pox were gone rapidly.

Neem Seed Oil and Pets

In March 2009, my 12 year old neutered male cat Smudge became ill. He was walking hunched up and making that "kitty pain" sound. His back end by his tail and his stomach was swollen and hot. I knew it was a urinary issue. I picked him up and gently massaged him tummy to tail in a circular motion using some neem cream. Once I got him relaxed, I used Neem Seed Oil around his lower end. I also put some on his front feet so he could easily lick it off. My husband, Mike, wanted me to take him to an emergency vet clinic. I compromised with him that if he wasn't better by the next day, I would take him to the vet. By the next morning he was walking better. I applied more neem seed oil. He continued to improve and resumed his "kitty stretches" by that evening. When cats are in pain, they can not stretch out like they like to do. I continued to use the neem seed oil around his lower end for several more days. He did not have any more problems with his urinary tract. Will you have the same results? I don't know. I recommend having Neem Seed Oil on hand for acute issues, where you can use it right away–that is the key. If you don't see improvement in several hours, or overnight after repeated usage; take your pet to the vet for treatment. June 2011 Update: Smudge is now 15 years old–still hates neem; but, I use it on him when needed.

Neem Insecticide

Neem Seed Oil can be used to protect plants and crops against pests. Neem is bio-degradable, so it has proven to be non-toxic to mammals, birds, bees and earthworms. To use Neem Oil in Gardening and Farming as a Pesticide:

  1. Add 1/8 cup (2 Tbls) neem seed oil to 1/4 cup castile soap (Our dilute Laundry/Cleaning Soap works great). Mix together well. Add lukewarm water. Mix well, let bubbles subside, add a total of 1 gallon water.
  2. Spray using a knapsack sprayer or any suitable sprayer, within 8 hours of mixing. It can be used as a foliar spray on crops and as a soil drench by spraying the soil near the crop roots.
  3. For most crops it is recommended that you repeat the spraying 5 times, at intervals of 7 to 10 days each.
  4. Increase in the same proportions for large areas.

It is important to mix this well and use as soon as possible. Shaking or mixing is essential. The oil droplets will want to start separating from the water. A knapsack sprayer is better for Neem oil spraying in preference to a hand sprayer. It will keep it mixed with the movement of your body. Spraying should be undertaken in the morning or late in the evening. During hot conditions, the spraying should be focused more on ground drenching. In winter, once every ten days is enough if needed. During the rainy season, every day spraying may be needed. The concentration can be halved if spraying everyday. Low concentrations better when spraying often. Each land acre can be sprayed successfully with 16 gallons of the mixed solution. Purchase pure cold-processed Neem seed oil. It can be purchased from This is where I purchase mine. Neem Seed Oil is on GRAS list; allowed on all food crops in the U.S.

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