Men's Scent

Men's Aftershave & Cologne

Men's Aftershave & Cologne

—splash and spray!

Natural essential oil aftershave and colognes for the environmentally concerned man who wants to smell great!

Aftershave with witch hazel, glycerin and aloe vera is cooling, good for the skin and healing to small nicks and cuts.


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Men's Aftershave & Cologne Samples

PRICE: $6.25
Men's Aftershave & Cologne Samples

Try a 1 oz.spray bottle before purchasing a larger size.

Bay Rum: Caribbean delight! Bay leaves, clove and allspice deepened with cinnamon.

Bay Rum-Lime: A delight with the lime zing! Mellows out to that great sexy scent of bay rum.

Cedar Forest: A wond...

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Toxin-free products for men.

Dedicated to men who want exceptional toxin-free products.
Hey products are created in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The exceptional face and body care products work great on guys too.
The packaging is simple and not the least bit "frou-frou".
These products are truly handmade and hand-poured...even the labels are applied by hand.

See our complete line of men's products.

Shave Cream...

We all know, or are learning, just how toxic this stuff is. We have a solution!!!
This shaving brush and shaving bowl used that small chunk of Oatmeal Soap and lukewarm water. And will make foam for many more days too! Check this out yourself! Every bar soap is emollient and so kind to your skin while shaving.

Or, get your favorite scent of our Toxin-Free Shampoo/Body Wash on the Natural Hair Care Page.

There are thousands of varieties of shaving brushes and shaving bowls and mugs; Or that old heavy mug with the broken handle will work too. (-;

The shaving brushes can range from $5 to $150 or more. We do not carry any brushes or bowls. Look in antique stores, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, natural food stores; or order online.

Go to the Ingredients page to find out what is in our natural, toxin-free products.

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