Hair Loss

Hair Loss Bar Soap

PRICE: $6.95
Hair Loss Bar Soap

Natural, all vegetable soap. Healing, pure and toxin-free. All of our castile soaps are pH neutral.

Hair Loss: We have created this as an alternative to the liquid Hair Loss Shampoo. Has the same essential oils. Some of them will be in the form...

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Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair Loss Shampoo

This is a toxin-free Castile shampoo. The essential oils support hair and scalp.

*The Hair Loss Products are consistent sellers! My customers are very impressed with how they work.

Willing to change your life style? These will work for you. The ...

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Hair Loss Stimulating Treatment

Hair Loss Stimulating Treatment

We consider this an important step in supporting scalp...

Included on the bottle is information on hot and cold treatments and scalp massage. To support hair follicles.

How to Use
This is a styling gel formula. Use small amount on scalp and hair. Wil...

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Hair Loss Treatment Kit

PRICE: $37.25
Hair Loss Treatment Kit

Nourishes and Cares for Hair Fibers and Follicles

If you have been counting the number of hairs that have fallen in your bathroom sink, may I show you this all-in-one kit that can promote and support healthy hair and follicles? It's a more economi...

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Hair Loss Treatment

The Hair Loss toxin-free Shampoo and Treatment are both loaded with the essential oils used for hundreds of years to help with hair regrowth. My clients are happily amazed to find hair starting to grow after only 2-3 months of use. There is no overnight cure–after all, the hair loss did not happen overnight. The toxin-free, all natural shampoo will not add any noxious chemicals to your body. In fact, the essential oils have many benefits to your body and mind at the same time they are helping your scalp.

The Reverse Hair Loss Stimulating Treatment is in a styling gel formula. Apply to stimulate scalp and use to style hair. Brush thoroughly to remove from hair. This also gently stimulates the scalp to help in the detoxing and hair growth process. Brushing with a gentle brush is good for the scalp–will not make hair fall out.

Notice that your hair is thinning? Now is the time to start using the Shampoo and/or the Stimulating Treatment! The sooner you start, the less time it will take to regrow hair.

Take control in a toxin-free holistic way today!

One client who described himself as "cueball bald" was happlily amazed at seeing "sprouts" growing again. His barber noticed and was interested in watching this transformation. Update: he did not re-order after 3 months, whatever happened–depends on what he started using. I do have customers who have been using these products for several years–do not think they would keep ordering if they are not seeing results.

Will you go through a Hair and Scalp Detox?

  • Yes, if you have used a commercial shampoo. This includes all hair products purchased from salons, whole foods, trader joes, health food stores, department stores, pharmaceutical-grade products. Please understand that your scalp and hair will go through the same detox process that we discuss on the "Hair Care Tips" page.
  • No if you have been using a hand crafted bar of soap or Dr. Bronner's Castile soap. I do not know of any other shampoos that are strictly a purely natural castile soap.
After the important step of switching to a castile-based soap; using a vinegar rinse is the next most important step you can use to help detox and make your scalp, hair and body healthier. The third most important step is brushing your hair daily.

How much hair loss is too much?

Here's how Dr. Oz says to tell:

Take a "straw size" amount of hair. Hold at scalp. Gently pull up through length. More than 6 hairs, you are losing more than normal. If you hair and scalp are healthy; you may not find any hairs.

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