Yerba Mate Herbal Tea


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Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

Yerba mate is the dried leaves and stems of a South American rainforest holly, and is the national beverage of Paraguay. The term mate is a Guarani Indian word for gourd, referring to the hollowed out gourds once used to hold the tea. In traditional use of yerba mate, the tea cup is often shared among close friends and family, all of whom use the same straw, or bombilla. Sharing the same straw is considered a sign of total acceptance and friendship. Yerba Mate is one of the worlds most effective and healing beverages with over 196 active compounds which shadows the active compounds found in Green tea (Camellia sinensis) which has about 144.

Contains: Tannins, antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, saponins, vitamins and flavonoids.

Typical Preparations—Traditionally used as a tea. Can be combined with damiana and guarana or with green tea and Cambogia garcinia fruit in ephedra-free weight loss teas.

Summary—Our Yerba mate is shade-grown; is diuretic, inotropic (increasing the strength of each heartbeat), chronotropic (making the heart beat faster), glycogenolytic (breaking down stored glycogen in the liver, allowing it to store calories from the next meal), lipolytic (breaking down fats), and analeptic (stimulating the central nervous system). Yerba mate assists weight loss by increasing the transit time of food through the digestive tract, helping users feel fuller, longer. The British Herbal Compendium also recommends Yerba mate for treating fatigue and headache. Shade grown Yerba mate is far more nutritious and tasty compared to sun grown Yerba mate. Shade grown Yerba mate is a bold dark green and has a nice heavy taste.

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Learn about herbs and their wonderful health benefits. Why do Doctors and pharmaceutical companies fight so hard against herbs? Doctors are taught from the companies. Pharmaceutical companies can not patent natural herbal formulas. They have to create a formula (i.e. through chemicals) to patent the formula and make lots of money. We recommend the following books for your research:

  • The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine, by Daniel B Mowrey, Ph.D. (Available from
  • The School of Natural Healing, by John R. Christopher M.H.
  • Dr. Christopher's Three-Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet and Herbal Combinations, by John R. Christopher M.H.

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How we sell these herbal vitamin formulas

The Starter Pack: 3 ounces loose herb and 25 filled #0 gel capsules (kosher beef).
The 3 ounces loose herbs will make between 200-300 capsules. You will need a capsule filler and empty capsules to fill. This will enable you to get involved with your healing.

6 ounces loose herbs: Best price for the herbs.
Makes between 600 and 800 capsules depending on how tightly you fill the capsules.
You can also make your own pills, with a little raw honey or vegetable glycerin. Or, put the herbs in water and drink down.

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These formulas can be intelligently combined for your specific problems.

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