Saw Palmetto+


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Saw Palmetto+

Saw Palmetto+

Saw Palmetto Berry is in the news everywhere from websites to newspaper to magazines. It is a leading traditional herb for men's health. **Saw Palmetto has been traditionally used to support prostate and urinary health in men.**

The + is Uva Ursi. **This is another traditional herb used to support urinary tract health.**

Our Saw Palmetto+ is pure ground saw palmetto berry and ground uva ursi. This is NOT a standardized extract. We feel whole herb products are superior to standardized extracts (which of course are chemicalized creations).

How To Use: Use one-quarter to one-half teaspoon in water; 2 or 3 times daily. You can also capsulate this blend. Our Saw Palmetto+ comes 3 ounces in a bottle with child-proof cap.

**Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.**

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