Can you think of a more relaxing way to take care of your entire body - including your immune system, respiratory tract, muscles and joints - other than breathing in incense from herbs? Use it while taking a relaxing bath, or sitting in your favorite chair reading a book.

Incense has spirit-uplifting fragrant herbs that have been popular in incense burning for centuries. Many herbs, have been found in the remains of ancient Egyptian and other surrounding civilizations. The Chinese have also used, and still use incense for more than just its scents. Ancient herbalists burned herbs in the room where patients rested.

This comes to you in a variety of soothing scents from a variety of pure natural herbs and resins that are in a loose, hand ground, self-burning type of incense. This is the highest quality incense powder anywhere. It doesn't have any wood byproducts, charcoal, glues, adhesives, preservatives like all stick and cone incense. It only takes about one-half teaspoon for a large room.

This is a relaxing great addition to your diet, sleep, and essential oils use to take better care of yourself. As our environment doesn't seem to be getting any better, our way of taking better care of us are getting better.

Aromatherapy for body, home,
and spirit.

Essential Oil Mist Sprays can be used to give a "Pick-Me-Up" whenever needed. These work wonderfully on pillows, linens, any fabrics and yourself! I like to take my glasses off, close my eyes, tilt my head up, spray at arm's length over my head, and let the spray drift gently over me.

Diffusers, Light Bulb Rings and Smelly Jelly are perfect to gently scent your "space". The Essential Oils in these formulas have been utilized for hundreds of years for their wonderful benefits.

Go to the Ingredients page to find out what is in our natural, toxin-free products.

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