Hot Flashes Be Gone


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Hot Flashes Be Gone

Hot Flashes Be Gone

Rejoice in taking Control!

Discover what numerous women have already started using.

A blend of plant oils and essential oils that help with these annoying symptoms of menopause. I created this formula when I started having problems.

When used regularly, will combat hot flashes and night sweats. Use on abdomen and lower back area two or more times a day.

If you can, get our Women's Tonic Herbal Formula. It will work internally to control hormone surges. The Splendid Women Tea also helps balance out your system and tastes good too!

Toxin-free products for women.

Dedicated to women who want exceptional toxin-free products, whether you are in your child-bearing years or beyond.

If you are having a few problems; we urge you to drink herbal tea. Our Splendid Women's Tea is perfect to help get those annoying symptoms under control.

If you are have serious or severe symptoms; order our Women's Tonic. After a few months your symptoms should be under control. Serious underlying internal problems will take longer to get under control. Diet and exercise is vitally important as well.

Pregnant? Congratulations!
Now you need to look at the chemicals you are putting on your skin and into your body. Chemicals from your body will transfer to your baby–potentially causing health problems.

Many books on aromatherapy have cautions about essential oils when you are pregnant. (This is called "covering your butt").

I have wondered about this for the 15 years I have been working with essential oils; then, I discovered a book written by Robert Tisserand, of the Tisserand Institute. He is sometimes referred to as the "Father of Aromatherapy".

This is in the Introduction section; RISKS IN PREGNANCY: A thorough search of the literature has not revealed any cases of unwanted abortion resulting from the use of essential oils. In fact most attempts by women to use essential oils to cause abortion have proven unsuccessful...

It is the oral administration of essential oils that should be avoided in pregnancy.

Small amounts of essential oils are not harmful; they are helpful.

Go to the Ingredients page to find out what is in our natural, toxin-free products.

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