Forever Young Face Oil


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Forever Young Face Oil

Forever Young Face Oil

We all want to look better. While we can't look "young". We can look the best we can at any age.

This Intensive treatment is very nourishing. Every decade of our lives bring different issues and problems to our skin (our largest organ). Faces get the brunt of damage because it is the "front-line". Sun, wind, pollution, chemical products will dry out and damage delicate facial skin.

If you happen to have a job that places you out in the elements several hours each day, you need to drench you face with these soothing carrier oils and essential oils. When I am going to be outside for a while, I will apply Forever Young Face Oil before heading out; especially around the easily-damaged eye area.

These oils can even help those who are smokers. Many of my clients are amazed at the results after only one week. Test this oil against your current products and I believe you will be convinced. Use Forever Young Face Oil on one hand and your current product(s) on the other. There is a difference very quickly!

Men who work outdoors also need this skin protection. Women, get your husbands caring for their skin. Let them know that you want them looking their best. There is nothing frou-frou about these products;they just work great!

Specially blended for every age. These formulas help can help rejuvenate your skin. The blend of carrier oils in these formulas are almost as important to your skin as the essential oils. They contain vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin.

Use twice a day (or more often for damage-reversal). Skin should be nourished often to counteract the continuing damage from sun, wind, and environmental toxins. If treated properly, your skin will become softer and show little sign of aging over the years.

20s skin, 30s skin, 40s skin, 50s skin, Mature skin; Choose your decade. Or, if your skin is really damaged, get the next decade.

Premium Face Care

Are you tired of always being told you need more and more products in a "Face Care Regimen"

Using toxin-free products that care for your skin gently, you can create your own regimen.

If you have oily skin and don't wear makeup–rinse your face with water, then use a Facial Toner on a cotton pad or ball, even a cotton cloth. Then use Acne Healing Gel to control oil and the blemishes in the areas that break out. The Facial Scrub is great to use 1 or 2 times a week, especially easy to use in the shower! You can use the Forever Young Face Cream or Oil on the areas that do not break out—especially great around the eyes, (whole eye area, lids included) bracket area between nose and mouth corners, neck and cheek areas. Leathery skin is not attractive.

If you have Normal skin–You have several options. If you wear makeup, you should use the Daily Cleanser to remove the makeup. The Eye Makeup Remover is fantastic at removing eye makeup while helping to reduce the puffiness under the eyes. Without makeup, you can use a Facial Toner, then the Forever Young Face Cream or Forever Young Face Oil.

If you have areas that occasionally break out; use the Acne Gel or Blemish Stick on those area—not the Oil or Cream.

With normal skin, using the Facial Scrub once or twice per week can help remove dead skin cells.

Should I use the Forever Young Face Cream or Forever Young Face Oil?

These formulas are both anti-aging. These also bring skin smoothness and reduces visible wrinkles—all without toxic ingredients!

Dry or older, more mature skin will definitely benefit from using the Forever Young Face Oil. I recommend using the Face Oil twice a day with these skin types.

Normal skin can really benefit from using the Forever Young Face Oil around the eye and mouth area that ages faster. Here I recommend using the Forever Young Face Oil at night. Then use the Forever Young Face Cream in the morning. Be sure to apply to the neck and upper chest area.

Dry skin will definitely need the Forever Young Face Oil. Dry skin may not need to be cleansed or toned except with plain water, unless you wear makeup.


This formula is for a more extensive "face restructuring." It can be used to deal with Acne. This formula also can help us more "matured" to take control of the "aging" process. Please use it carefully and limit the amount of time you leave it on, especially at first, until you learn how your skin will react. There can be stinging. Wash off when it hurts. Will leave skin red for one or two hours. We recommend using the Forever Young Face Oil after a treatment.

Hope this helps you negotiate the sometimes murky waters of Face Care.

Can you eat your cosmetics?

A great rule of thumb is: if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. If you would be afraid to eat it, don't put it on your skin. Barb and I have tasted every product—some taste surprisingly good! Your skin is what you put on it. Use chemicals and it will absorb those chemicals. Pure plant oils are what your skin craves. Keep it happy and it will keep you happy!

Our mineral-based sunscreen is perfect for helping you protect your skin.

Love being outdoors? Not too good at using a mineral-based sunscreen? Your skin needs to be replenished the pure, toxin-free way. Think of beef jerky. This is what happens to our skin with constant heat and sun exposure. Beef jerky doesn't take high heat, just low heat and air circulation. Do you know someone who "worshiped" the sun and now has dry leathery, wrinkled skin? Don't let leathery, wrinkled skin happen to you. Use one of our wonderful skin balms especially after sun: Ultimate Lotion, Whipped Body Butter. For faces: use the Forever Young Face Oil at night and the Face Cream with sunscreen every day. The Live Long Sunscreen can be used on your face as well as the rest of your body. I prefer the Face Cream for my face; it is fantastic! Cleanse skin with a toxin-free castile cleanser. If you have dry skin, castile soaps may be too drying especially on the face and neck. We have special cleansers for delicate facial skin. Your skin will respond. It will become more resilient, soft and "plumped".

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