Body/Essential Oil Sprays


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Body/Essential Oil Sprays

Body/Essential Oil Sprays

Lead the crowd with Handcrafted Body Sprays!

These body sprays use only pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils to surround you perfectly. Each essential oil has it's own properties to help you embrace a natural way to balance and scent your life.
Now available: 20 drop sample vials of all scents...see essential oils drop down.

About Body Scents

Healthy, healing way to surround yourself with scent. Joyful and Motivation are a couple of the favorites. All essential oil scents help provide experiences of: balance, calm, uplifting, peace, joy, healing. We use only pure heavenly therapeutic-grade essential oils. Use in the air around you or as a personal body spray.

We have many formulas to help create a healthy, healing home environment. Whether killing virus and bacteria are your goal, gently calming your children, or to stop snoring – we have formulas for you.

Regular use of these sprays will create a healthier home. Essential oils kill virus, bacteria and other harmful germs. Be healthy in your life – surround yourself with healing essential oils.

Stop breathing toxic chemical laden colognes and sprays. If you check the ingredients in your sprays, you will want to toss them.

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