Baby Castile Bath and Shampoo


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Baby Castile Bath and Shampoo

Baby Castile Bath and Shampoo

A very mild toxin-free castile shampoo. Cleanse baby and toddlers gently, without harmful chemicals. This soap will not lather much (if at all depending on your water). You can also use the Olive Oil Bar Soap on your littlest ones.

Moms! protect your children from a toxic overload.

Available in: Lavender, Light Orange, Unscented

We have removed Baby Fresh since EWG has ranked natural fragrance oils an "8" like the chemical fragrance oils.

The Lavender and Light Orange use therapeutic-grade essential oils and have no toxic chemicals.

NOTE: This is not a "tear-free" shampoo. We recommend a shower visor to keep soap from baby's eyes. Those "tear-free" shampoos are made with harmful chemicals that have been linked to skin problems and even some cancers.

Check out information on what these chemicals can do! Protect you precious little ones!

Toxin-free Baby Products

Babies have very sensitive and delicate skin. Check out the toxins in commercial products. There are over 25,000 chemicals in those products. 70% of those are considered toxic. It only makes sense to use the most natural products you can. Keep your baby safe from these toxic chemicals. Then you do not have to worry about skin problems, future problems with congested liver, kidneys and pancreas. Regularly using essential oils also fights the bacteria and virus that are the leading causes of colds, flu, and other illnesses.
Final note: If a shampoo claims "No Tears" formula, it means they have a chemical numbing agent in the detergent (it's not soap) to numb the eyes so the baby/child can not feel the irritation—could lead to eye damage.

Baby and Children's Toothpaste

There are many chemical laden baby toothpastes on the market today. We need to protect our precious little ones from toxic chemicals. Our ToothGels do not contain any toxic chemicals. It is safe to swallow. It now includes a small amount of Xylitol for sweetening and for it's benefits to mouth and teeth. My granddaughters love the Spearminty Toothgel...They think Gramma is "awesome" to make stuff that is safe.

Go to the Toxins page to find out about common toxins in commercial products.

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