Age Spot Soother


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Age Spot Soother

Age Spot Soother

Age spots. One of the first things that pops in our head when we read or hear about those two words is; the sun! We are told over and over again to stay indoors during the peak hours, wear long sleeves, wear sunscreen and a sun hat. But there is more to the sun and age spots than meets the eye.

Possible toxins in our skin, for example. It is too scary to even imagine what may be going on in our skin when the ultraviolet rays penetrate our skin with toxins in it! If you have ever wondered what a combination of certain skin-essential oils can do for your skin, now is your chance to find out. Introduce your age spots, and the possible toxins in your skin to these 4 skin-essential oils in Age Spot Soother:

Apricot Oil
Extracted from the apricot kernels (seeds), this oil is not only a brilliant moisturizer and anti-inflammatory supporter, it is also an antioxidant for your skin cells. Along with a sun hat and long sleeves, this is perfect for those hot, sunny days.

This sounds like a made-up word, but we promise you, it is not. Frankincense comes from the term franc encens, which means quality incense in old French. Frankincense has been associated with many different religions over the years, especially the Christian religion, as it was one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men.

The frankincense oil comes from the boswellia sacara tree commonly grown in Somalia. It is a common essential oil used in aromatherapy that can offer a variety of health benefits, including giving strong support for stress, aches, inflammation, and boosting the immune support.

But since you are looking for help with age spots, you are concerned with the health of your skin cells too! Frankincense oil gives you peace of mind because you will be doing even more for your skin cells!

Myrrh is a resin, or sap-like substance, that comes from a tree called Commiphora myrrha, common in Africa or the Middle East. Myrrh is botanically related to Frankincense, and, it is one of the most widely used essential oils in the world.

Myrrh is commonly added to skin care products to help with moisturizing and also for fragrance. Ancient Egyptians used it for anti-aging, and to maintain already-healthy skin. All of those centuries ago, somehow the Egyptians knew that this oil gave their skin cells the support they needed from the sun.

The chemicals in the oil from this pretty flowering plant specifically targets your skin to put it in a better state by supporting more cellular communication within your skin.

We always need to keep in mind that the sun, as beautiful as it is, can damage our skin cells!

Lavender oil gives your body surprising support so it can produce three of your body's most powerful antioxidants for cell function: glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase. Not bad at all, huh?

How to Use Age Spot Soother

When Age Spot Soother comes to your door in the next few days, quickly take it out of the package, and then let its roller applicator apply the 4 oils over the spots you hate. Simple!

Let me know how well Age Spot Soother has worked for you. I love success stories! Kathleen here: I love to use this oil on my whole face, alternating days with the Mature Face Oil.

~ P.S. Do you know someone who may like the combination of these 4 oils? Why not send them this page? Send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Toxin-free bath and body products

Can you eat your body care products?
Our natural skin body care products are that pure.
A great rule of thumb is: if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. If you would be afraid to eat it, don't put it on your skin.
Your skin is what you put on it. Use chemicals and it will absorb those chemicals. Pure plant oils are what your skin craves. Keep it happy and it will keep you happy!

Love being outdoors?
Your skin needs to be replenished the pure, toxin-free way. Think of beef jerky. This is what happens to our skin with constant heat and sun exposure. Beef jerky doesn't take high heat, just low heat and air circulation. Do you know someone who "worshiped" the sun and now has dry leathery, wrinkled skin?
Our mineral-based sunscreen is perfect for helping you protect your skin. Don't let leathery, wrinkled skin happen to you. Use one of our wonderful skin balms:
Ultimate Lotion
Whipped Body Butter.
Cleanse skin with a toxin-free castile soap.
Your skin will respond. It will become more resilient, soft and "plumped".

Natural Aluminum Free DeodorantsToxin-free Deodorants

Our deodorants have a pleasant "herbal" scent of the essential oils that will not clash or overpower other scents.

Our all natural non aluminum deodorants kill bacteria and naturally reduces perspiration while eliminating the bacteria that cause odor. IT TAKES 3 DAYS OF USE TO KILL THE BACTERIA UNDER YOUR ARMS.

Our bodies need to sweat to eliminate toxins. It is the bacteria that causes odor. Our natural aluminum free deodorants have essential oils that all work together synergistically to kill odor-causing bacteria and reduce excess perspiration.

The essential oils in our natural aluminum free deodorants are bergamot, geranium, lavender, lemon tea tree, spruce, neem and sage, plus neem seed oil control odor and wetness.

Our natural deodorant products DO NOT contain any harmful chemicals. Educate yourself on the effects of aluminum and -parabens that are in 90% of antiperspirant products on the market today.

Our natural aluminum free deodorants are available in:
Solid and Roll-on both 3 oz.
Spray is available in 2oz. and 4 oz.
NEW!! Powder, 3 oz. by volume

Many people new to natural aluminum free deodorant products have had problems with odor. I know because I have heard many stories with happy endings after they found our natural deodorant.
The Aluminum derivatives can adversely affect your health. Aluminum is listed as carcinogenic, toxic and mutagenic.

Deodorant is fine, antiperspirant is not. Here's why: The human body has a few areas that it uses to purge toxins from the body; behind the knees, behind the ears, the groin area, and armpits. The toxins are purged in the form of perspiration. Antiperspirant, as the name clearly indicates, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging toxins from below the armpits. These toxins do not just magically disappear. Instead, the body deposits them in the lymph nodes below the arms since it cannot sweat them out.

Nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located.

Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by antiperspirant usage because most of the antiperspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin. Women who apply antiperspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin, which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area

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