How Toxic Are You?

Here are a list of questions to honestly ask yourself about you, your children with problems, your lifestyle. You have my permission to print this off so you can take the time you need to honestly answer these questions.

  1. Do you understand what ingredients in products are chemical and which are real?
  2. Have you checked on all your products and researched the chemicals in them? (
  3. How long have you been filling your skin & internal body system with chemical toxins?
  4. How do you think these toxins will be removed from your skin & body?
  5. Do you think they will just vanish? (Don’t we wish?) –If the chemicals were absorbed through your skin— those same chemicals are mostly still in your skin causing issues. Some may have traveled through your lymph system to your kidneys & liver; but much still can be clogging your skin.
  6. Are you willing to go through the icky parts of the Detox process to have a healthier you in 5 years?
  7. How long will it take? I can’t say for sure. I don’t know how long you’ve been using chemical products and which chemicals are lodged in your skin. -Most of our customers start seeing clearing (it will look worse for a time) within 3 weeks. It can take longer if you have been using some really toxic stuff.
  8. How can you know if your body system is toxic?
    1. Have you been having health concerns? (Eczema, bloating, headache, allergies)
    2. Are you on pharmaceutical drugs? (Those are all created from petroleum-based chemicals.)
    3. Have you been eating processed foods?
    4. Do you wear chemical fabrics? (polyester, rayon, nylon)
    5. Do you use aluminum or coated cookware? Plastics in the microwave?
    6. How much are you surrounded on a daily basis by chemically created products?
    7. Do you use alcohol-based hand sanitizers or antibacterial soaps?
    8. Have you had a course of “antibiotics” in the last 5 years?

Find Out How Toxic and Detoxify Your Body

Here is what you need to do…

  • Stop using any chemical laden products. This includes all “surfactant” based commercial shampoos, lotions and potions.
  • If you answered “yes” above; your internal body organs are toxic too. Start a cleanse includes switching to real herbal products or gathering and using your own. Research herbs…they are amazing what they can do!
  • Start using chemical free products. If you have dull, blemished skin; the Acne products we offer will help pull these toxins out of your skin.
  • Stop eating processed foods. Get rid of any boxed, frozen, packaged foods from your life.

Removing toxins from your internal body system–

To detoxify your system can take about one year of concerted effort. Do you think these chemicals will vanish into thin air? No- they will have to come out through the skin, bowels and urinary system. During this time there is pain, smelly sweating, colon emptying, maybe even vomiting. But remember, You want to be healthier in 5 years not sliding downhill health-wise.


Find out if you are toxic—do the Three Day Juice Cleanse. If you start this and can’t complete it; you will know you are toxic – Are you sick after a day? Continue to use it monthly or weekly to help remove toxins from bowels. Our Herbal Formulas will help you work on getting these toxins out of your body. Get “Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing” to learn how he used it. It is also a great herbal reference.

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle

It will take years to cleanse your body system of petroleum chemicals you have been absorbing all your life.  The best start you can give your children is a toxic chemical free life. Here are some tips for after the detoxification period:

Living Healthy Tips
  • 80/20 rule- 80% healthy-good for you; 20% those things you can’t (or won’t) give up. This includes everything in your life—- food, clothing, personal care products, yard/garden products, bedding.
  • Lather—rule of life… if it foams and bubbles easily; its petroleum enhanced. An exception: Healing–Scents bar soap . . . lathers well.
  • Food— Read all labels. Avoid processed food. Eat real foods; no boxed or frozen meals. Many times the food we get in most restaurants in are packaged, frozen, made in big factories.
  • Clothing—Check labels. Avoid “chemical” fabrics. Wrap your body in the most natural fabrics you can. Especially true against the skin. Don’t be a fashion horse.  I purchase most of my clothing from thrift stores. Here too read labels.
  • Barefoot–let your feet breathe everyday. Clean between your toes every day. Connect your bare feet with real grass/earth/wood for at least 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle . . . God can’t bless you if you stop up His blessing with a dam. The prize is not for the most stuff. The prize is for how many of His children you help.
  • Raise your face and hands to bless your Creator everyday. Have a thankful heart.
  • Laugh everyday. Find something to laugh over. It always helps to laugh at ourselves. But don’t put yourself down. God Loves You! However, God wants to laugh with us. He is also there when you grieve. Holding you close, like a mother holds her child.


Three Day Juice Cleanse

This 3 day Juice cleanse will help cleanse your gastrointestinal tract.  Make sure you are determined enough to go through this cleanse. Dr. Christopher directed caretakers for persons on their death beds in performing this cleanse. It can be a miracle working cleanse. Most of what ails us is the “toxic junk” this cleanse works great against. Our bodies are full of our choices. Most of us have made bad food choices all of our lives. Most of us have unwittingly used toxic personal care products on a daily basis. This 3 Day Juice Cleanse will help the body get rid of some of this toxic overload we have been storing up in our body. Over time as you change your choices; and continue to utilize this cleanse, your body will become cleaner and less toxic. It will be a life-long pursuit to keep your body system clean. Long, happy life can be yours, when your body is healthy.

You will need two juices for this cleanse. 100% prune juice and another juice—carrot, apple, grape etc. The Juices should be “not from concentrate” and only one juice—not a blend. For apple juice; I have found “Martinelli’s Gold Label Unfiltered Apple Juice”; next best, “Musselman’s 100% Apple Juice” in local stores. An organic, unpasteurized juice would be better; but I understand not everyone can find it; or afford it. In addition to the prune juice, you will use another juice — Apple, grape, orange, carrot; whatever is local and to your taste. I have recently purchased a juicer and will try this cleanse with carrot juice.

This cleanse sounds simple; and it is. But it will really help to cleanse your system. It can be difficult to get through. Not only will you feel sick part of the time; but most of us will miss eating real foods.

Herbal additives include the Lower Bowel Cleanse and Parasite Killer can also be used with this cleanse. This is for those who feel they want a deeper cleanse. I plan this cleanse for twice a year. I use the Detox herbs…and continue them for 2 weeks after this Juice Cleanse. I also use the Parasite Cleanse one time a year…and take the whole 100 before stopping. This is better than the alternative (think parasites, yuck).

 Days One, Two, Three

Step 1.  Morning (Breakfast) 8-16 ounces Prune Juice. “CHEW” each mouthful. (Swish around your mouth to mix in the saliva — 1st step in digestion.) If you really can’t drink the juice; try using 6-8 fresh plump prunes. Chew until almost liquid.
Step 2.  1 ½ quarts to 1 Gallon Juice of your choice (see above). “CHEW” each mouthful. How much juice you use will depend on what size you are.
Step 3.  Drink 1 – 2 quarts of water. But do not use this to wash the juices down. Wait after drinking the juices before slowly drinking some water. Enjoy it; don’t gulp it.
Step 4.  If you are really hungry, you can use a limited amount of the fruit associated with your juice.

By the second day. You will probably start feeling odd.  You can have fever, nausea, constipation (use lower bowel formula), and dizziness. The prune juice is going throughout your system pulling toxins into your bowel. If you have parasites; they are fighting against moving out.
By day 3. Don’t plan on doing any work this day. You are working to cleanse your system. If you are feeling ill; don’t stop continue on with the juices. You will be healthier at the end of this cleanse.

 Days Four, Five and beyond

—  Start slowly reintroducing foods. Start with vegetable broth, soups (preferably made from scratch), plain yogurt, kefir, the lighter foods. Add the fruits and vegetables. Start introducing the healthier food choices.

It can take 6 months to 1 year of concerted effort to get your body systems thoroughly cleaned out. The gunk stuck to the walls of the intestines and colon will resist. If you have parasites or worms (95% of people do), these can easily cause pain and discomfort when they are dying. They want to stay where they are and will make you miserable as you are trying to get rid of them. If you look at pictures of parasites in humans; you will see that they all have teeth. The bowel is not the only place we can have parasites. Parasites can be throughout our body systems.

I give you permission, as a customer, to print the information on this page.

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Face Care: You made the commitment, now you want to know what to do.

You bought our natural products. Now you are in need of information on what to do and what to expect. I want to answer your questions.

Once you start using our products, your skin may continue breaking out. This happens because, with the essential oil support, your skin is throwing out the toxins from within your skin. It may take 7-25 days before you start seeing fantastic improvement. The time depends on how toxic your skin is now. In fact, you may seem to be allergic to the products the first few times you use them. This is probably toxins coming out.

CLEANSING–If you wear makeup, you will need to use the Daily Cleanser, Green Tea Cleanser or the Just Clean Cleanser to help remove makeup. Dampen skin and a soft cloth. Apply a small amount of cleanser to hand. Using fingers, gently massage cleanser onto face. Your goal is to loosen your makeup. Rinse face with warm water. Take cloth and gently remove any makeup left behind. Rinse face again. With practice, you will get good at removing your makeup. Do not pull or stretch your skin while cleansing.

TONER–If using the Daily Cleanser, you may not need to use the toner every time. Find the routine that works best for your skin. If, like me, you don’t wear makeup, the Toner on a small cloth (washable and reusable), cotton pad or cotton balls, may be all you need to remove the daily dose of pollution. Using one of the Toners after the Cleanser will help to remove anything left and seal pores.

BLEMISH STICK/ACNE HEALING GEL–Next, use the Blemish stick on tender spots or eruptions. If you have Acne or lots of problem areas; use the Acne Healing Gel to get them under control. Many women are using the Acne Gel to control those hormonal cystic eruptions that come every month. When using the Acne Healing Gel; do not put the Forever Young Face Oil or Cream over the area. The Gel is soothing and healing. However, use the Oil or Cream on the dry areas of your face; especially eye area and upper lip. Again, you do not want to pull or stretch the skin.

FOREVER YOUNG FACE OIL–The Forever Young Face Oil is for areas of the skin that show the most damage from age, sun, wind. Definitely use it on the whole eye area, gently and carefully. You do not want to stretch or pull the skin. This is an intensive treatment that will show amazing results. The oils will absorb into your skin to help it repair itself. The oils will blur the eye if it gets in it. If your skin is not prone to breakouts, use the oil over the entire face.

FOREVER YOUNG FACE CREAM–The Forever Young Face Cream–this works great under makeup to protect the skin during the day. The zinc oxide provides UV protection. I am a firm believer in the power of sunlight. We need the vitamin D from sunlight. Just do not overexpose skin. You will have more energy and feel better.

To prevent your skin from looking dry, dull, old it is important to use either the Face Cream or Face Oil at least 2 times a day. If I have the opportunity, I will rinse my face and apply more Face Cream…especially if I have been in the sun, or a windy, dusty, or dry environment.

FACIAL SCRUB–The Facial Scrub should only be used 1-2 times per week. Unless you are aggressively attacking the acne areas. The Facial Scrubs can cause temporary worsening of the acne. This is a product you can keep in the shower to utilize when your skin is warm and wet. It is good for hands, neck, arms to help get rid of dry, clogged skin.

EXFOLIATING FACE SERUM–If you try the Exfoliating Face Serum: This is a “spa strength” treatment. It will quickly help remove the dry, dead skin layer. The Exfoliating Face Serum can sting. Usually it happens after 5-10 minutes of it on your skin. This shows that it has made it through damaged skin. Rinse off when you feel the sting. It will leave the skin temporarily red. Use the Forever Young Face Oil afterwards to speed new, softer skin production. Use no more than 1 time per week. The product requires caution, but can yield great results for doughy, dull complexions.

Natural Products For Toxin-Free Living