About Healing Scents Natural Products

Healing-Scents offers quality natural handcrafted products. Our products are proudly made by us 20121228_132228-1in Rockford Illinois. We make our products from scratch using plant derived ingredients and essential oils. Our natural products have no petroleum-based ingredients.  Every product is made gently and safely and is custom formulated for you when we receive your order.

Enjoy the journey–looking forward not back;

Have a Blessed Day; Thanking God for all He does.

Kathleen Hembree



One thought on “About Healing Scents Natural Products”

  1. I read on a article about toxins they put in lotions and fragrances and I came across Synthetic perfumes or “fragrances” , which included synthetic “rose”, “jasmine” and “lily of the valley. I noticed you had these fragrances in one of your spray colognes. What’s the difference from yours and the ones that contain synthetics. I would be more than happy to get your take on this if you can. Thank you

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